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Abstract Colorful Flower Oil Painting On Canvas Handmade Wall Art (han – shoppingdirect24.com - SD24
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Abstract Makukulay Flower Oil Painting Sa Canvas Handmade Wall Art (kamay ipininta!)

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shoppingdirect24.com - free shipping included! - --- This product is custom made and produced especially for you on demand. Impress your friends and family with a beautiful piece of art! Make your home an art gallery! Each painting/reproduction is hand painted by trained artists - they are not a simple print! Art paintings/reproductions really make the perfect gift! --- Hand painted artwork comes without a frame, if not stated otherwise. Framing and shipping of framed artwork is quite expensive and it is more economical if you use a local service for the framing work, where you will also have more choices.

Material: Canvas
Uri: Oil Paintings
Frame: Oo
Estilo: Realista
Suporta sa Base: Canvas
Mode ng Frame: Hindi naka-frame
Mga paksa: bulaklak
Hugis: Rektanggulo
Form: Single
Teknikong: Kamay painted
Katamtaman: Langis
Modelo Number: 01029
Orihinal na: Oo
application: Home Dekorasyon
Estilo: Realista
Tag ng Produkto: Wall Art Home Decoration Home Decor Decorative Fine Art
ipinasadya: Oo
Uri: Ipininta
subject: Pagpipinta ng Larawan
Suporta sa Base: Canvas
Frame: Hindi naka-frame

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